The Independent Board of Inquiry

The Independent Board of Inquiry (IBOI) Report regarding sexual abuse at St. Anthony’s Seminary, Santa Barbara, California.

The IBOI Report was presented to Rev. Joseph P. Chinnici, O.F.M., Provincial Minister of the Franciscan Province of St. Barbara, in November of 1993. Members of the Independent Board of Inquiry who served at that time were: Geoffrey B. Stearns, Chairperson, Kathleen Baggarley-Mar, Keith Mar, Eugene Merlin, Rev. Dismas Bonner, O.F.M., and Ray Higgins.

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For those with a fast internet connection, the IBOI Report is made available here in two large PDF files:

IBOI Report: (7.1 megabyte PDF file)
IBOI Appendices: (4.1 megabyte PDF file)


For those with a slower internet connection, the IBOI Report is made available here in smaller PDF files of each chapter and appendix:

IBOI Report:
1. Title Page, Letter, Table of Contents, and Foreword
2. Background
3. Process
4. Findings
5. Effect on Victims
6. Observations
7. Boundaries and Concerns
8. Recommendations
9. Theological and Spiritual Considerations
10. Conclusion

IBOI Appendices:
A. Commission Requirements and Suggestions for a Future Action Program (December 4, 1992)
B. A Comprehensive Approach to Provincial Policy and a Pastoral Response to Instances of Sexual Abuse of Minors at St. Anthony's Seminary (December 4, 1992)
C. Members of Independent Board of Inquiry
D. Board of Inquiry: Guidelines and Procedures
E. Letters from the Board to Students and Faculty
F. The Greater Community
G. Press Release (March 1993)
H. Acknowledgment of Purpose and Scope of Operation
I. Description of Resource Packet (April 1993)
J. Choosing a Therapist
K. Bibliography
L. Therapy Process Guidelines
M. Operating Policies and Procedures in the St. Barbara Province for Friar Conduct (April 22, 1988)
N. Protocol for Independent Response Team for Sexual Misconduct and Abuse (Board of Inquiry Suggested revision of September 30, 1993)