Welcome to SafeNet


     Established in March of 2003, SafeNet is an all-volunteer advocacy group founded by survivors of clergy sexual abuse. Its purpose is to promote and support the entire healing process. It is not aligned with any religion or religious group. It is the only survivor group that works directly with church authorities willing and capable of practicing genuine pastoral outreach and implementing restorative justice measures.   

      SafeNet's main focus is on the needs of survivors and secondary survivors. It also engages in meaningful and lasting outreach to parishes, communities, offenders, and members of the clergy in both the Franciscan Province of St. Barbara (western United States) and various Catholic dioceses nationwide.  

     SafeNet listens, assists, consults, advocates, and helps others to empower themselves to do the same. It coordinates and facilitates educational forums in safe environments to further the healing process. Upon request, it offers referals for needed resources for psychological, spiritual, and legal counseling.  

     Trust, respect, understanding and compassion are essential for healing at every stage. When engaged with religious authorities on crucial issues regarding any survivor's health and well being, these issues, as well as transparency, openness and full disclosure, are policies that SafeNet continues to promote among church leaders.