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     Established in March of 2003, SafeNet is an organization founded by survivors of clergy sexual abuse that supports the entire healing process.

     Our focus is on survivors, secondary survivors, parishes, communities, the offenders themselves, and members of the clergy in the Franciscan Province of St. Barbara (western United States). We also work with various parishes, dioceses and Catholic hierarchy.  

     SafeNet is not alligned with any religion or religious organization. We work directly with all sides to promote and engage in honest dialogue. 

A Room With A Pew

          Paul Fericano writes a regular online column,  A Room With A Pew, that addresses issues related to clergy sexual abuse and the healing process.  

SafeNet Brochure

You can now download and print copies of our informational brochure!  

Survivor Outreach Services

        By partnering with various dioceses, agencies and ministries, SafeNet's Survivor Outreach Services offers survivors options and services that aid and further the healing process, including access to therapy, educational assistance, emergency financial aid and support for restorative justice programs.

An Open Letter to All Survivors and to All Who Have Been Hurt by the Clergy Abuse Crisis

        Important: The intent of this Open Letter is to raise awareness of how everyone, not just survivors, has felt the impact of the clergy abuse crisis. Survivors were the driving force behind this letter, but you don't have to be a survivor to participate. We are urging anyone who feels they've been affected by this crisis and who agrees with what is being put forward here, to add their name to the Open Letter.
        This will be an ongoing project of SafeNet. Names will be added and updated regularly. If you would like to sign, please send us an email. Instructions for doing so are at the end of the Open Letter.  

The Garden of Forgiveness

PLEASE NOTE: The Garden of Forgiveness as outlined in the proposal presented here has been rejected by the community of Franciscans at Old Mission Santa Barbara (2010) and by the leadership (Definitorium) of the Province of St. Barbara, Oakland, California (2010).
SafeNet remains clear in its belief: The Garden of Forgiveness is an integral part of the healing process and a welcoming path to restorative justice for the Santa Barbara community in particular and the greater community at large. We are hopeful that the future will support this.  

The Solidarity Memorial

IMPORTANT UPDATE / Posted April 18, 2013:
Regarding the Vandalism
of the Solidarity Memorial at Mission Santa Barbara
A Letter to the Franciscans of Mission Santa Barbara
from the Board of Directors of Instruments of Peace, April 16, 2013.  
To: The Franciscan Friars of Old Mission Santa Barbara
From: The Board of Directors, Instruments of Peace
Members of the board of directors of Instruments of Peace (IOP) held their regular board meeting on April 16, 2013 and discussed the senseless vandalism of the Solidarity Memorial (a project of SafeNet, an IOP program) that occurred on April 11, 2013 on the Mission grounds. All the stones, rocks, messages, candles and other items of remembrances that had been left there by survivors and others were swept up and discarded like so much trash, including the clay pot and sign that reminded visitors of the sacredness of this place. This is the second time the Solidarity Memorial has been wiped clean and vandalized.  

Office of Pastoral Outreach for Survivors of Clergy Abuse

      If you believe you were a victim of clergy abuse by a member of the Franciscan religious order (Province of St. Barbara), while attending St. Anthony's Seminary in Santa Barbara or at any other Franciscan seminary, parish or facility; or if you are a family member of a survivor, a former schoolmate, a parishioner, or anyone else that has been impacted by the abuse, the Pastoral Outreach Coordinator, Angelica Jochim, MFT, is available for assistance and support.  You can contact her by phone, mail, or email. Please Note: All communications are private and confidential. Your identity will not be revealed to the Franciscans. 

To learn more about the Office of Pastoral Outreach for Survivors of Clergy Abuse visit: www.pastoraloutreach.org 
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